hanging chad - a fragment of paper separated from a ballot by the action of a hole-punch in certain kinds of voting machines;The word was made commonplace in reporting of the disputed 2000 US Presidential election.

The Hanging
Shad is now….The Political Stimulus!

Connecticut’s Best Blog on Politics, Current Events and Human

shad -The American Shad is CT official state fish. Each year, these fish swim from the salty sea up the Connecticut River to fresh water spawning grounds.

Now and then, things need a refresh, a new look.  So, The Hanging Shad….Connecticut’s BEST Political blog and commentary by media professional, Patrick Scully has broadened its horizons and now is The Political Stimulus.  Still great commentary and opinion on the races in the region, with a special emphasis on national and New England stories and the political players in each.  As the political races heat up this fall, stay tuned every day with Patrick’s experienced commentary and analysis of all the major races affecting our country.

Scully Communications — Offering full-service communications consulting for your business, political or organizational needs, will continue on the Political Stimulus site. Patrick Scully has a twenty-year track record of proven results for his clients and organizations for whom he has worked. He has been the difference in getting his clients noticed in the media in the best possible light.

As a communications and media director, public relations associate, marketing professional, and radio host, Patrick gets it done for his clients. Call us today.

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