Former Governor John Rowland thinks his hand-picked “partner in government,” Gov. Jodi Rell, is a little too late to the achievement gap solution party. On his three-hour daily radio infomercial for Republican candidates (“Church and State,” WTIC-AM, 3 pm – 6 pm), the once-imprisoned, former top guy commented on Gov. Rell’s timing in putting together the Achievement Gap Commission which released its recommendations this week.

Rowland said Rell forming a commission and getting its findings in the waning days of her administration was “ludicrous” and “silly.” He then went on to say some of the recommendations were good, some were “stupid” and very few, if any, would be enacted because they cost money. Radio partner and hard-ass Pastor Will Marotti then chimed in, saying it was just throwing money at the problem. Real constructive stuff.

Make no mistake. There is no love lost between Rowland and Rell. A former Rowland insider (way inside) told me Rowland still resents Rell sprinting as far and fast from him as possible as well as skating on all things unethical when she became governor because she knew a heck of a lot more about what was going on in the Rowland administration than is publicly known.