When Vince McMahon launched his “Stand UP for WWE” campaign that now features celebrities extolling the virtues of the wrestling operation, most people just assumed it was done at least in part, to help Mr. McMahon’s wife, Linda, in her bid for US Senate.

Trouble for the McMahons is, it’s against election law. Right from the beginning of the WWE effort, Mrs. McMahon’s campaign said it had no connection to the effort. Of course, the only person believing that is the guy in the black t-shirt, in the front row of RAW who thinks John Cena has to find a way out of the Nexis…for real and for true.

Democratic state party Chair Nancy DiNardo says, “Improper coordination between Mrs. McMahon and the WWE is most visible in WWE’s new corporate public relations campaign and ‘rapid-response’ news operation on behalf of McMahon’s Senate campaign; WWE’s first-ever ‘Fan Appreciation Day’ in Hartford the Saturday before Election Day; and, the potential interference of an election night WWE event in Bridgeport with voting in one of the state’s Democratic strongholds; and paid advertising now being broadcast promoting the WWE and featuring Mrs. McMahon.”

Linda McMahon’s campaign spokesman Ed Patru calls the complaint “utterly baseless.”
“This campaign scrupulously complies with all FEC regulations and has not and does not coordinate with WWE concerning its various corporate activities,” Patru said in a press release. “We look forward to the FEC promptly dismissing this specious complaint.”