Planned Parenthood recently asked the campaign of Democratic US Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal for any information it may have regarding “mysoginistic [sic] photos of women and WWE. Planned Parenthood wants to hit LM [Linda McMahon] hard on it.” So says an e-mail from a Blumenthal staffer to other staffers and to Democratic State Central Committee Communications Director Kate Hansen that was leaked to Politico.com.

The issue is not anything close to the contention by McMahon spokesman Ed Patru that “This is clear evidence that Dick Blumenthal’s campaign is 110 percent in the gutter, orchestrating a potentially illegal coordinated campaign to dig up dirt on women for the purposes of attacking another woman. It’s utterly appalling that this is what Blumenthal’s campaign is focused on while nearly 10 percent of the state is unemployed.” Nor should it be a negative reflection on the staff involved in the communication, especially the hard-working and effective Hansen. It is interesting however, that Patru uses the 10-percent unemployment rate figure since that’s the same percentage of her own workforce supposed job-creator McMahon laid off while collecting millions in state tax credits designed for job creation.

What it does do, though, is give the McMahon camp something to deflect attention from its blatantly illegal coordination with the WWE and Vince McMahon’s “Stand Up for WWE” public relations blitz. The McMahon campaign will have an awfully hard time convincing anyone that it and the WWE campaign aren’t connected. But since the credible complaint filed by Democratic state party Chair Nancy DiNardo won’t be resolved until after the election, McMahon likely calculated that breaking election law was part of doing business to try to win the election (which she isn’t going to do anyway).

One wonders what’s worse: Planned Parenthood asking the Blumenthal campaign for information about the WWE’s degradation and humiliation of women or that such information so readily exists. There is a huge difference between two groups sharing public information (PP and the Blumenthal campaign) and one campaign benefitting significantly from a paid, public relations blitz by another (McMahon campaign and WWE).