Republican candidate for governor Tom Foley has said bringing down the cost of health care is a major goal of his and is one of the ways he claims to be able to balance the state budget without raising taxes. Foley has also positioned himself as an outsider who appeals to Democrats and independents in addition to Republicans. All those claims came crashing together just days before the election.

Friday, Foley touted Carl Feen as a “leading Democrat” who supports his candidacy. However, Feen’s history with the state and with taxpayers is less than stellar and certainly doesn’t earn him “outsider” status. Feen, a broker, was caught taking a commission from Cigna at the same time that the company was providing dental insurance for state workers. While negotiating the contract with Cigna, the state warned the company that the contract must not include commissions to agents or brokers. Cigna agreed but was later caught paying a commission to Feen. Cigna eventually agreed to pay back more than $870,000 in commissions. Feen personally received nearly $500,000 of those funds.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan Malloy wants Foley to renounce Feen’s endorsement of him. “The hypocrisy here is stunning,” said Malloy. “Carl Feen is the consummate ‘insider’ – he raised money for candidates and bragged about his connections to them, while using state government to rip off taxpayers and pocket close to $500,000 in the process. Tom Foley is touting the endorsement of someone who took money out of the pockets of hard working people in this state.”