October 14, 2009



The latest ethical questions to dog the Rell administration involve a no-bid contract for UConn professor Ken Dautrich to do a study to determine the best ways to streamline government. The contract cost the taxpayers about $230,000.


This past Friday, the governor flat out denied her office also wanted to use the study (through the use of a proposed poll) to help her determine the best ways to position herself politically on certain issues. Yet Hartford Courant reporter Jon Lender (the dean of Connecticut’s investigating reporters) obtained e-mails completely contradicting the administration’s claim. Oops.


All this conjures up memories of the infamous “ethics memo” case a few years back. After being caught soliciting campaign contributions from the governor’s office for an East Hartford fund raiser (“pony up”), Rell chief of staff Lisa Moody claimed she hadn’t read the ethics memo issued by the governor. That, of course, until the actual memo turned up (Lender again), showing Moody edited the thing herself.


Even Teflon rubs off eventually.



The race for the Republican nomination for US Senate is getting interesting already. Wrestling executive and Senate candidate Linda McMahon is claiming fellow GOP candidates, former US Rep. Rob Simmons and state Sen. Sam Caligiuri are ganging up on her for her past campaign contributions to Democrats.


Meanwhile, the wild card here could be businessman and former ambassador to Ireland Tom Foley. A recent television ad buy as well as a recent appearance on channel 3’s Face the State, show him to be well-spoken and thoughtful (even if completely unknown). And he’s loaded, which doesn’t hurt.