Right wing Connecticut talk show hosts were really in a bind yesterday. After spending the last two months on the publicly owned airwaves (radio stations are just licensed to use our airwaves) propping up, endorsing and predicting victory for Republican candidates across Connecticut, they were left with the reality that Democrats swept the state. Every race, save some in the state House and Senate, went to Democrats.

WTIC-AM’s midday host Jim Vicevich and afternoon drive time hosts, Pathetically Partisan Pair former Gov. John Rowland and Pastor Will Marotti and clueless WDRC-AM afternoon drive host Dan Lovallo not only have egg on their collective face but now are stuck trying to explain themselves. The fact is, while they all have their hard-core followings, they are so out of touch with the mainstream in Connecticut it’s ridiculous.

(At the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, I did appear on WTIC-AM’s election coverage Tuesday night. I did so partly because it was co-hosted by consummate radio professional Ray Dunaway and partly to try to inject some sanity into Rowland’s painfully predictable positions. I also guest-hosted afternoon drive on WTIC-AM many times in the past and the people there are top-notch. It’s just not clear why they’ve chosen to let the station become so mind-numbingly right-wing. More on that another day.)

One may have expected a simple “I was wrong” from Marotti who did everything but head to Bridgeport to offer to count ballots, to push Republican candidates. Instead, we got a “I was disappointed” in the results. Not good enough. Both Rowland and Marotti endorsed and predicted victory for Republican candidates who lost. “We were dead wrong” would have sufficed, along with a pledge to stop being so pitifully partisan in the future.

Rowland, by the way, had predicted the lowest voter turnout the state’s ever seen. Dead wrong again. And while no one in the secretary of state’s could give me an estimate of voter turnout (isn’t that also their job?), it certainly was higher than the doom and gloom prediction of Rowland. I’m switching to ESPN radio to hear what moves the Red Sox might be making this offseason.