NoteI’ll be appearing Friday morning in the 7 a.m. hour on the FOX-CT Morning News to talk about the latest developments in the 2010 gubernatorial election here in Connecticut

The Associated Press finally fixed its embarrassing “uncall” of the election for Democrat Dan Malloy and Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz is seemingly ready to drop the “unofficial” from her declaration once Bridgeport numbers are final. It doesn’t matter whether Republican Tom Foley concedes or not, Malloy is the winner of the circus-like 2010 Connecticut gubernatorial election.

A highly placed insider in New Haven tells The Shad that when all the votes from the Elm City are factored in, it won’t matter what happens in Bridgeport because Malloy will be ahead. Adding in Bridgeport will only increase Malloy’s lead. Foley’s only grounds for a legal challenge lies in trying to force a statewide recount which would likely be fruitless. His campaign will no longer be able to claim “their numbers” show their guy ahead.

Further, a source who has spent the last 72 hours or so “in the room” in Bridgeport says they continue to count the photocopied ballots that had to be used when the city ran out of printed ballots but that Malloy will carry the city handily. The source says the mood in Bridgeport ranges from disgust to outrage to disbelief depending on who you talk to.

In the days ahead, there will be plenty of time for questions about what happened in Bridgeport and every other aspect of the election. But The Game’s over and Malloy is the winner.