Republican candidate for governor Tom Foley can be excused if he is really honked off this morning. After a long primary battle and a seemingly endless general campaign, Foley had to endure the embarrassment that was election night in Connecticut. However, in the end, he lost. And unless he is in possession of some smoking gun that indicates a total and complete breakdown of the electoral process or evidence of some sort of widespread conspiracy, he should end it today and concede.

Both Foley and Governor-elect Dan Malloy have comported themselves admirably since last Tuesday. Now it’s time to end the election and start the governing.

The Hartford Courant’s Jon Lender yesterday revealed a memo that shows the Rell administration doesn’t plan to go quietly. I don’t have first-hand evidence but the memo, directing Rell’s agency heads and commissioners not to speak to the incoming administration, has all the markings of bully-in-chief Lisa Moody, Rell’s henchwoman of a chief of staff. Moody, whose ethical “lapses” are well-documented, apparently is trying to keep control of the government she’s been running for past six years. Some adults in the room should step up and encourage any and all communication between Malloy’s people and those going out the door. Moody’s days of making intimidating phone calls (of which The Shad has been the subject a time or two in the past) are nearly over. And the state can only be better off for it.