Governor-elect Dan Malloy said Thursday that lame-duck Gov. Jodi Rell has made his job even harder by not presenting his transition team with a full budget but an outline of possible budget options instead. Malloy made the comments during a taping of FOX-CT’s “The Real Story.” I co-hosted the segment with host Laurie Perez and Christine Stuart of

I asked Malloy if he was offended by Rell claiming she was passing along a “balanced” budget to his administration because technically, the fiscal year ended with a $300,000 “surplus.” In reality, the budget has a built-in deficit of nearly $3.5 billion. Malloy said he is prepared. “We knew going in that this [budget deficit] is an enormous problem. But now we won’t just how bad things are because we’re not getting a budget from the outgoing administration,” Malloy said.

Rell said, “It will be the policy of the incoming governor and administration to determine where they want to spend money and where they can cut money…We will leave this administration with no budget deficit…I have been very careful on that…What I’m leaving is a budget that will have no deficit for the fiscal year ending June 30. I was prepared if necessary to do a deficit mitigation plan again and rescissions if it came to that, but we’ve been holding our agencies feet to the fire and keep our commitment to keeping that budget in tack,” she added.
Please. Malloy won’t have the luxury of one-time revenues and borrowing Rell and the Democratically-controlled legislature used to balance the current budget. This is the latest hint of Rell’s refusal to have a smooth transition to Malloy. The Hartford Courant previously reported that Rell (read: “Bully-in-Charge” Lisa Moody) issued a memo to agency heads and commissioners directing them not to talk to or answer questions from the incoming administration.