Defeated Republican candidate for governor Tom Foley says Governor-elect Democrat Dan Malloy does not have a mandate from the people of the state to raise taxes, change the law on the death penalty or implement other controversial measures because of Malloy’s extremely small margin of victory in the election. Foley made the comments during the taping of FOX-CT’s “The Real Story.” I co-hosted separate segments with Malloy and Foley that will air Sunday morning at 10:30.

“He won less than 50-percent of the vote and won less than 25-percent of the towns,” Foley said in a rather blunt interview. “There’s no mandate for raising taxes or for [abolishing] the death penalty.”

On the question of whether he would consider a run for the US Senate in 2012, Foley wouldn’t rule it out but added, “Asking me that is like asking a pregnant woman who just gave birth whether she was interested in having another child.”

Foley, however, made it clear he wasn’t going to fade away. “I want to be the voice of reason…” rather than the voice of the Republican party in the state, he said. He said he wouldn’t hesitate to speak out if Malloy chose to pursue policies that he, Foley, thought were not in the best interest of the state. He also said he did not want to be Republican State Party Chairman.

When asked about hard-core conservatives in the state—particularly those in talk radio—who have turned on him, in some cases calling him a “quitter” for not pressing for a recount of the vote, Foley said, “That’s unfortunate. There are those who want you to keep fighting but it became clear that despite the many irregularities, the result of the election wouldn’t have changed.”