As outgoing Gov. Jodi Rell lines up big bucks for some ridiculously named center at the University of Hartford, gets a Metro-North train named after her and other going-out-the-door gifts for the state, she continues to insult our intelligence by claiming she is passing off a balanced budget to Gov.-elect Dan Malloy.

Malloy, ever a statesman when it comes to Rell, says simply that there are no surprises in what he’s getting and it’s ugly. However, Rell’s passing the buck, uh, budget, off to Malloy also reinforces the difficulty of the job ahead. The budget is $3.4 billion in the red and there will be drastic measures needed to fix it. But that didn’t stop Rell from blaming everyone else for the problem. “We have given the new administration a framework of recommendations for cuts, consolidations and concessions,” she said. “Many of the recommendations I have proposed have been offered before, only to have them rejected by the majority party. The majority party can no longer avoid or afford to delay making the difficult, painful choices.”

As for the train, I assume she isn’t driving it. And don’t be surprised if the conductor looks suspiciously like Lisa Moody.