Bridgeport city officials say they are not “refusing” to participate in a recount of their troubled election night voting precincts but rather doubt their legal authority to do so. Such an undertaking would also create a logistical nightmare, they say.

A Bridgeport insider tells The Hanging Shad that what Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz is asking for has nothing to do with the biennial, random auditing of voting machines which is an attempt to see how the still-relatively new voting machines perform. Bysiewicz asked Bridgeport to recount the precincts that ran into trouble with ballot shortages and had to resort to photocopied ballots that the machines couldn’t read.

The more curious part of the latest development is that Bysiewicz said Monday Bridgeport officials had agreed to her request. Bridgeport officials say they agreed to no such thing and in fact, say they lack the statutory authority to do so. They add that performing such a task would mean reassembling the part-time workers who where election night and paying them.

The Hanging Shad admittedly lacked detail and clarity as well as needing more perspective in the story in yesterday’s post.

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  1. I point a minor detail, but the audit is not “biennial” it occurs after every election and primary in Connecticut.

    With at 10% random drawing, with Bridgeport having 25 districts it almost always has two or three selected for audit. Ironically, for the first time in recent memory, no districts in Bridgeport were selected.

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