This entry comes straight from the “for anyone who really cares what I think” department. The Hanging Shad may have the inside scoop on all things political in Connecticut (and beyond) and I may have a different perspective on issues that could occasionally make for interesting reading, but this one is purely personal–Don’t wish me a “Happy Turkey Day.”

The last thing this blog seeks to do is lecture people or tell them what to think or do. I hate “high and mighty.” I despise condescension. But in this case, it matters. Thanksgiving has meaning. It has truth. It has beauty. And it has a purpose. I am keenly aware of the tendency for all of us to lose the meaning of holidays. But to transform Thanksgiving into “Turkey day” is to totally miss out on the reflection and regeneration the day can potentially bring us all.

The very best thing that can come from truly enjoying today is make it about more than a single day. Preacher and scholar W.T. Purkiser said, “Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.” That says it all.

I love the food, the fun, the football and the family as much as anyone. But I truly enjoy thinking about how many blessing there are, even in seemingly difficult times. Those hard times are simply challenges masquerading as insurmountable barriers.

And sitting under a palm tree watching the sun rise with my parents doesn’t hurt either. Happy Thanksgiving, my loyal readers.