Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy says he is getting some positive and encouraging support as he tests the waters for a bid for chairman of the National Republican Committee. Healy told The Hanging Shad in an interview from Arizona Tuesday night that he expects to make a decision about running in the next couple of days.

“I have spent time talking to members [of the RNC] and the response has been encouraging,” he said. “Some members have been very supportive, others are holding off on support of anyone right now. There are 168 members of the committee and there seems to be enough general interest.”

Much has been made about Connecticut Democrats avoiding the Republican tide that swept the rest of the nation and whether the chairman of such a state should run the national operation. “People don’t vote for the [state] party, they vote for the candidate. The test is whether the party has done everything they can to create opportunities for those candidates, and sustain and support those candidates on every level of their campaign. We did that in Connecticut – in fact I like to think we actually made Connecticut more competitive… the Democratic National Committee spent almost a month holding on desperately for Connecticut, with implications for races nationally,” Healy told FrumForum.com earlier this week.

“We need someone who has been a full-time, operative-type chairman, someone who can assess the damage that [incumbent chairman] Mike Steele has done to the party, but more importantly get things turned around on a dime,” he said.

RNC members meet in Maryland Jan. 12th to pick a chairman.