It seems that former Governor-turned-talk-show-host John Rowland has decided that his interviewing is a one-way street. With his hand-picked “partner in government” Gov. Jodi Rell heading out the door in a few weeks, Rowland is refusing to talk about what he thinks of the job she did. Traditionally, the final weeks of any administration is the time for reporters to do stories about the outgoing governor’s “legacy.” One would think Rowland would be the logical choice to ask about her since she was elevated to the top job when Rowland resigned and eventually went to jail.

The latest scribe to get the snub from Rowland was the well-respected Brian Lockhart of the Hearst newspapers (Stamford Advocate, Connecticut Post and others). It seems Lockhart caught up with Rowland on the phone after a day of interviewing and opinion-giving on WTIC-AM radio where he co-hosts the 3 pm to 6 pm slot. When Lockhart asked Rowland about Rell, the former gov simply said, “I’m not doing any interviews.”

The Shad knows the feeling well. When Rowland started his radio gig, I was in touch with him via e-mail on a number of topics, mostly just friendly back and forth. But more recently, I’ve twice attempted to ask him about Rell. I bluntly asked if he regretted picking her as his lieutenant governor. The question was based largely on the near-daily hammering he was giving her on the air. He simply refused to answer at all.

For someone who now has a fulltime job giving his opinion and perspective on nearly every subject imaginable, it’s curious why he won’t let us in of what he thinks of his successor (beyond a certain issue or two as he’s done on the air). It’s also curious what would happen if a caller to his show would ask.