When State Auditors Robert Jaekle and Kevin Johnston announced their retirements, it set off a continuing scramble of speculation as to who would be nominated to succeed them to the coveted jobs. It appears both legislative Democrats and Republicans have settled on their choices—Democratic state Rep. John Geragosian and Republican former state Rep. Robert Ward, The Hanging Shad is told.

The positions are crucial to the integrity of all matters fiscal in the state. More importantly, they are also immune to tough budget times (in fact they are even more important then) and because is one from each party, they have traditionally been impervious from political considerations once appointed. For those reasons, the Auditors’ positions are unique in state government and much sought after.

According to the Auditors’ website, “The Office of the Auditors of Public Accounts is a legislative agency of the State of Connecticut whose primary mission is to conduct audits of all State agencies. Included in such audits is an annual Statewide Single Audit of the State of Connecticut to meet Federal Requirements. The Office is under the direction of two State Auditors appointed by the State Legislature.”