Everyone has heard all the jokes like, “I wish I could be wrong half the time and keep my job!” But the fact is, meteorologists are some of the hardest working people around especially when there is a storm.

I’ve come to know NBC-Connecticut’s Ryan Hanrahan and although I haven’t spoken to him during this storm, I can tell you this type of weather is Hanrahan’s and other meteorologists’ Super Bowl—they want to win it but you never know until you play the big game.

The same can be said of News 8’s (WTNH-TV) Geoff Fox who refreshingly comes right out and says, “From a meteorologist’s standpoint today was very interesting. I know now there’s no way I could have predicted snow accumulations accurately. I think most people caught on to that viscerally. Basically there was so much wind the snow was blown into drifts which had the effect of compacting the total. This is one of those cases where one plus one doesn’t equal two! It was possible to have an inch of snow one hour, an additional inch the next and end up with under an inch of snow! How many feathers does it take to fill a bag? Similar quandary.”

So the next time we all feel the need to needle the weather people, let’s give them a break and realize what a tough job it is. No one sings their praises when they’re right.