It snowed in New England in January last night and just about everything—schools, shifts at businesses, social programs, etc.—is closed. Non-essential state employees have the day off as Gov. Dannel Malloy clearly saw the storm as a chance to demonstrate his leadership.

Malloy held multiple media briefings throughout the evening and again this morning, telling the media, “I’ll be living this storm.” Before it’s all over, the storm is expected to dump anywhere from a foot to 20 inches of snow on the state. Plow crews are hard at work but officials are urging people to stay off the roads if possible.

Malloy also consulted officials in other states although getting advice from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg may not be the best route to take unless he’s looking for “how not to do it” information. Bloomberg is still reeling from the day-after-Christmas storm.

Media outlets responded strongly with local meteorologists giving constant updates and TV stations running scrolls throughout the evening. Such information is important but The Shad wonders whether it’s necessary to take up a quarter of my TV screen during “NCIS” to tell me the “La Leche League” at Danbury hospital is cancelled or that the “Winkin’, Blinkin’ and Nod” preschool is closed. Phone tree anyone?  All in all, the state is responding well.