Newly elected state Attorney General George Jepsen has long faced the question of how, if at all, he would do things differently than his predecessor Richard Blumenthal. That question was the center piece of his appearance Sunday on WFSB, Channel 3’s “Face the State.”

Jepsen would obviously have been most comfortable just saying Blumenthal was a fine attorney general but that he, Jepsen, was his own man. But host Dennis House, as he usually does, politely but firmly pressed Jepsen on specific differences and, as he usually does, got the answers. Jepsen said he would differ from Blumenthal in that:
• He would not be as visible
• He probably would not personally litigate cases
• He is more of a mediator but is not afraid to take a hard line
• He is very aware of the “jobs first” approach of new Gov. Dannel Malloy
• Has more of a political and academic background
• He may not sue as much
• He would not have gotten into the issue of whether the New York Giants were televised in Connecticut
Jepsen, for his part, is a brilliant lawyer but not the most comfortable on TV (which may be a good thing in this case). However he handled himself impressively on FTS.