This past Monday, The Hanging Shad gave readers an early handicapping of the 2012 US Senate race. However two other names have since emerged. In the words of Gov. Malloy, “That’s crazy talk.” Of course he was talking about the chances of the state declaring bankruptcy. But the quote can apply to any thought of former MSNBC and ESPN TV guy Keith Olbermann and former state comptroller and two-time failed gubernatorial candidate Bill Curry running for the Senate

First problem for Olbermann is that he doesn’t live in the state although he could certainly move back He used to live here when he worked at ESPN but spent much of his time dissing Bristol—a fine, blue-collar, hard-working town in which ESPN operates. His snarkiness and waaaayyy left politics may be too much even for the deep blue state of Connecticut.

Bill Curry has had so many bites at the apple, he’s down to the core. He lost races for governor twice (2.5 times if you count the time he stepped aside for Barbara Kennelly). Primary wins don’t impress unless you can eventually win a general (again, see Malloy). Curry, who at last look has been writing a book for the last six or seven years, should just not run again…for anything. The Democratic party in the state is looking ahead (for the third time, see Malloy) and not back.