It seems that the powers that be at UConn are standing firmly behind Athletic Director Jeff Hathway after the tirade in the form of a six-page letter from top football program multi-millionaire benefactor Robert Burton.

It all comes down to this: Burton is a cry-baby who didn’t get his way and now wants to take his multi-million dollar ball and go home. If he wants to be able to pick the coach because he gave millions to the program, then cut off future donations. Asking for the money back is absurd. If Burton wants that kind of influence he should buy a professional team and sit in the owner’s box like Jerry Jones, Mark Cuban or George Steinbrenner and call the shots.

If Hathaway wants to continue to be an effective Division I athletic director, he should have the skills to make big time donors think they are an important part of the decision-making process and then just go about his business. He’s got to be able to somewhat suck-up to the people who were partially responsible for UConn becoming a Div. I force.

The Shad is becoming tired of this story already. And by the way, it was not a good week for UConn athletic directors past and present.