In her first interview since testing positive for performance enhancing drugs (PED), former UConn star Diana Taurasi denies ever using PED and she and her lawyer blame the Turkish lab that tested her sample, the Associated Press reports.

Taurasi’s contract was terminated by her Turkish team after both her A and B samples tested positive for modafinil, a stimulant.

Taurasi says she plans to return to the WNBA when the season starts in June and plans to play for the US team in the 2012 Olympics.

Some may call The Shad naïve on this one, but I’ll give Taurasi the benefit of the doubt. Turkey is not known for its scientific expertise and they’re not exactly close to attaining cold fusion in their labs. There could have been a mistake. And even if there wasn’t and she was taking modafinil, I’ll cut her some slack and give her another chance. The woman has been under intense pressure to perform since she was a teenager. It’s always possible she needs some help. If so, that’s what she should get, not universal condemnation.