Since announcing he would not seek reelection to the US Senate in 2012, Sen. Joe Lieberman’s name has been bandied about in several different scenarios; all involve him leaving the Senate early, possibly waiting until Gov. Dan Malloy would have the power to name his successor until the 2012 election.

But sources close to Lieberman tell the Hanging Shad that the rumors are just that—rumors and that Lieberman plans to serve out his term.

The chain of events most speculated about to this point is Lieberman joining the Obama administration, possibly as the Secretary of Defense. That possibility was pointed out by The Laurel website which referenced a Hartford Courant op-ed by former Lieberman Jim Kennedy. Kennedy wrote, “…I don’t know what Sen. Lieberman will do next. It would be welcomed by leaders of both parties and the military if President Barack Obama made him the next secretary of defense (a move, by the way, that would give his Democratic replacement in the Senate a leg up in the next election).”

The problem with Kennedy’s logic is that Lieberman has no desire to give the Democrats a leg up. He has no love for former state Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz who dissed him when she got into the race, or any other part of the Democratic establishment. Most Dems. went racing to Ned Lamont when Lamont beat Lieberman in the primary in 2006. The people of Connecticut, however, resoundingly returned Lieberman to office.

The rumors will likely continue partly because Lieberman seems to take a bit of pleasure out of not slapping them down and partly because his has friends in high places willing to start or add the rumors.

But Lieberman’s people here in Connecticut say to expect Lieberman to stay in the US Senate right to the end—doing whatever he wants to do and without regard to criticism back home.