Why Has The Hanging Shad Been Dark?

The answer is quite simple. The author was taking a short break and when I was ready to return several weeks ago, my luck turned incredibly bad. I was moving some Christmas stuff from storage upstairs in one of those huge gray totes people use for moving. It was in front of me and I couldn’t see the hardwood stairs in front of me. I missed a step and tumbled down the flight of stairs and couldn’t stop myself until I reached the bottom.

I called 911 and they took me to Hartford Hospital. Several tests (MRI, CI scans and several X-rays ) showed that I basically broke my back (broke off a piece of my spine). It required major surgery to fix it and I”m still laid up in a bed at HH, trying to heal. I’ll be here for Christmas as well–really sad. I had no means of communicating to anyone for weeks (until I got my LT just yesterday) so I apologize to anyone with whom I may have had an appointment and missed it or to whom I owed an e-mail or phone call and couldn’t respond.

However, I will be blogging from here when I can so keep reading! And I can now take calls on the number listed below and can get and respond to all e-mails. Some friends from SDO have already visited–thanks guys. Happy Holidays.