To say Connecticut weather forecasters have been working overtime this winter is an understatement. Fury, Maxon, Hanrahan, Field and all the others have done a remarkable job letting us know what’s coming. Weather folks don’t get much of that—“Hey, good job!”

How TV and radio stations market their weather forecasting services is another story. “Weather without the hype” blares one promo. I never really thought weather was hyped unless there’s someone out there intentionally telling us Snowmagedden is coming.

On a recent trip to Boston, I heard one station promote their weather people by saying, “Accurate weather that you can understand.” Not only is it a bit insulting but if you can’t understand “highs” and “lows” and whether it’s going to snow after hearing a forecast, maybe deciding whether or not to wear your winter coat isn’t your biggest problem.

At the end of the day, for people who get all the grief weather people do (you’ve heard the joke, “I wish I could be wrong half the time and keep my job”), the ones who I’ve met and had a chance to talk to are remarkably nice people. Not once in my visits to appear as a guest on NBC-Connecticut for example, have Bob Maxon or Ryan Hanrahan been anything but cordial and engaging. If they can get through this winter without punching the green screen, they can through anything.

And oh, right now, it looks like it’s going to snow Sunday.