The public hearing at the legislative office building on whether the state should lift the ban on Sunday sales of alcohol brought out the passions of people on both sides of the issue. However, one person who has very little interest in it is Gov. Dannel Malloy.

Malloy spoke with WTIC-AM morning show host Ray Dunaway (a Shad favorite) this morning and said he is spending no time or energy on the issue. Malloy said whatever the legislature does is fine with him. So retailers who want to be able to choose whether to keep their stores open on Sundays need only get it past the state Senate and House.

On this issue itself, The Shad still can’t get a persuasive answer as to why only this industry should get “protection” from the state. Why not dry cleaners? Shoe stores? The point is, retailers selling alcohol are the only ones that are required to close on Sunday. It’s inconsistent, arbitrary and the fact that it was originally printed on some sort of blue paper shouldn’t even enter the argument.

Every other state around us allows Sunday sales. Connecticut is behind the times.