New Britain Mayor and state Senate candidate (or is it state Senate candidate and Mayor?) Tim Stewart may be forced to explain no-bid contracts allegedly awarded to companies owned by Republican aldermen.

Democratic Party Chair Nancy DiNardo is calling for an immediate investigation by the chief state’s attorney. She charges that as mayor, Stewart authorized $240,316 in no bid contracts to Sir Speedy Printing Company ($77,458) owned by Republican Alderman Mark Bernacki and New Britain fence ($162,858) owned by Republican Alderman Willie Pabon.

City law states that contracts over $3,000 must be opened up to a bidding process. City records show multiple payments to vendors in the same day, or several smaller payments totaling more than $3,000 distributed over a period of these days. Breaking up these contracts to avoid crossing this $3,000 threshold would be a violation of this law, DiNardo says.
“Before he’s even elected, Stewart is already finding himself in middle of multiple scandals. First, Tim Stewart finds himself embroiled in controversy over his douple-dipping plans, where the Mayor refuses to resign if elected to the state Senate, hoping to hold both jobs despite outcries from local elected officials and scores of voters. Now, we learn that Stewart gave over $240,000 in no bid contracts to his political allies on the council,” said DiNardo, “If voters elect Stewart, they run the risk of electing a Senator who will be clouded in scandal and investigations from the moment he takes office.”

Stewart faces Democrat Theresa Gerratana in the Feb.22 special election to fill the seat vacated by Don DeFronzo who joined the Malloy administration as commissioner of the department of revenue services.