If one were offered a choice between being a US Senator (not the independently wealthy kind, the kind that has to raise money from the minute they’re elected if they want to be reelected) or a $1.5 million a year gig lobbying for Hollywood, one be would forgiven for choosing the latter.

Former US Sen. Chris Dodd’s new gig (reported here and elsewhere weeks ago) as the head of the Motion Picture Association of America is a sweet gig to say the least. He is basically the chief lobbyist for Hollywood in Washington. That means that not only does he get to still hang with his pals in DC, but he gets to hob-knob with Hollywood big shots and stars. Anyone who may have tended to “feel sorry” for the longtime senator when he was essentially forced to forego a reelection effort can stop. Oh, and the job reportedly carries a $1.5 million salary.

The best part is that anyone who has even met Dodd knows he will excel at the position. His charisma, charm and contacts make him a perfect choice for the job.