Gov. Dannel Malloy is out trying to sell his pain-inducing budget to just about anyone who will listen. And as things progress, he is using increasingly burning language. Malloy clearly knows that his budget, which is honest, balanced and tough, is a difficult sell. But to his credit, he’s out there pitching it to key constituencies.

The latest major speech was to the Bridgeport Regional Business Council. As crack reporter Ken Dixon (a Shad favorite who turns out must-read material) recounts, Malloy used increasingly imperative language to sell his proposed spending plan. “I need you to support it,” he said. “I need you to demand of your Legislature that they actually enact this budget in May, that we get it done way ahead of the last day or two of the session and we not go into a special session, because nothing good will come out of it.”

Don’t expect things to change anytime soon. In fact, we can expect Malloy to increase his urgent language in his pitch on the budget.