Gov. Dannel Malloy, continuing his campaign to win support for his budget proposal, did his best to avoid being positioned as the antithesis of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in an interview today on New York City’s National Public Radio affiliate.

Malloy was a guest on the Brian Lehrer radio show on WNYC, 93.9 FM, 820 AM, based in New York City. The station covers New York, New Jersey and Fairfield County, Connecticut. The host repeatedly asked Malloy if his approach made him “the anti-Chris Christie.” The New Jersey governor has been both praised and vilified for his approach to state finances—a sort of slash and burn approach that includes massive layoffs and no tax increases.

Malloy was diplomatic, saying each governor has his own style and Christie’s “doesn’t work for me.” Malloy told Lehrer he was invested in consensus and is proposing to raise taxes rather than dismantle the state’s safety net without which, “we wouldn’t be Connecticut.”

Also on the issue of the proposed tax increases, Malloy said another reason for them was that he was not willing to shift the burden to local cities and towns in the form of increased property taxes.

When Malloy was asked what would constitute “success” for him, he said passing a budget that looks like the one he’s proposed (not something else) and doing it on time, would mean “success” at least in the short term.

You can hear the interview in its entirety here.