Every Sunday the great Boston Globe sports writer Nick Cafardo writes an awesome page on baseball, the format of which was invented by “Commissioner” Peter Gammons. One of the very small sections of Cafardo’s page is called “Apropos of Nothing.” It’s just a few quick hits of random thoughts and facts that are fun to read.

To that end, The Shad thought it might be fun to have our own “Apropos of Nothing” section from time to time. Hopefully, it will be fun to write and fun to read. And most importantly, I’d like to invite readers to submit their own “Apropos of Nothing” items.

So with thanks to Cafardo, here is the inaugural “The Hanging Shad’s Apropos of Nothing”:

1. UConn’s Kemba Walker’s last minute heroics yesterday was great to watch. But how did some 6’-10”, slow, goofy guy end up guarding him at the end? Congratulations UConn. Now GO ORANGE! 2. Here’s a shout out to the very pretty girl in white Mazda who passed me on Maple Ave. in Hartford yesterday. I was very smitten until you rolled down your window and let fly with a spitter that would have made Terry Francona proud. Very classy. 3. “The Good Wife” is the best show on TV. “Family Guy” and “Tosh.0” are the funniest although crass and politically incorrect. 4. The Shad continually hears Moammar Gahdafi referred to as “Colonel.” The guy’s been in power for 40 years. Should he be like, a general or something by now? I mean, the guy’s a dictator. Can’t he be whatever he wants? 5. WTIC-AM radio’s afternoon drive show (“Church & State,” “State & Church,” “State & State,” “Church & Church,” depending on the day) has turned into a Petri dish of right-wing flotsam. And the hosts don’t even have the guts to have on as a guest anyone who can seriously challenge their sometimes ridiculous and untruthful positions. 6. For my money, the best corn beef, potatoes and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day in our area is at the Maple Café on Maple Ave. in Hartford and Steve’s Place on Market Place in Newington. Of course, neither can compete with my mom’s. Particularly on St. Patrick’s Day, I miss you Auntie Eileen, Uncle Bill and Uncle Billy.

Your thoughts?

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