Update: The Hartford Courant added fuel to the fire with this related story:

Critics Assail UConn’s $98 Million Deal For Prisoner Mental Health Services


The egomaniacal university president spends thousands of dollars on cardboard cutouts of himself to place around campus (and then skips town like he stole something); the football team celebrates its BCS Fiesta Bowl trip by losing $1.6 million on the excursion when it couldn’t sell its tickets (and then the coach beats feet like he was the president’s accomplice); then the basketball coach’s program is hit with sanctions by the NCAA for not following basic rules—his punishment?—a new contract that pays him $2.3 million a year. And now we have a new report that says the top two university police officials are being paid salaries that blow away those of top cops in New York City, Boston, Hartford as well as comparable universities.

The University of Connecticut is out of control. Spending money as if grows on trees and certainly not like the flagship school of a state that is so far in debt it can barely find its way out.

Incomparable Hartford Courant investigative reporter Jon Lender reports that UConn police chief Robert Hudd makes a stunning $246,961 last year and his second-in-command Robert Blicher makes a head-slapping $193,616. By comparison, Lender reports, New York City police commissioner Ray Kelly, whose force of more than 34,000 protects about 8 million residents and many more tourists and weekday office workers, was paid about $212,000 as of two years ago. Providence police chief Dean Esserman makes $168,000, but a city councilman said in January that’s too much and proposed that it be cut to $150,000. Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis, with more than 2,000 officers in his department, had a 2008 salary of $179,096. Check out Lender’s full report.

It’s time for a investigation of UConn’s irresponsible, free-spending ways. Perhaps Gov. Dannel Malloy, who left UConn out of his higher education restructuring plan, should form a special investigative committee. Or at the very least, hearings on the out-of-control spending at UConn should be held by the legislature’s higher education and employment advancement committee. Taxes are likely to go up on just about everything in this state and UConn continues to bleed our money. Enough already.

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  1. Enough already is right. I don’t actually begrudge the athletics department the $1.6 million because I’m fairly certain the department still comes out ahead overall… it’s marketing and the value is hard to quantify. But in the PD – even if they’re both “supercops” who fight crime with special powers – I don’t know why their salaries aren’t capped at $125k.

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