Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is widely seen as the most popular politician in the state. Republicans counter that Blumenthal has never had a serious challenger his many years in the AG’s office.

Well this morning, Blumenthal has another poll in which he soundly smokes all GOP comers. He whips former wrestling executive Linda McMahon 64 – 23 percent, businessman Peter Schiff 66 – 19 percent and former congressman Rob Simmons 62 – 27 percent in a Quinnipiac poll released this morning.

The poll also covered a theoretical Republican primary for governor. Simmons tops McMahon 37 – 27 percent , with 4 percent for Schiff and 28 percent undecided.
In other “Dodd Domino Affect” news, state Senator John Kissel will forgo joining the field for Attorney General and will run for reelection. Taking the same route is is Ross Garber—a former attorney for John Rowland. Garber was a viable candidate. In a year in which just about anything is not surprising, Garber could have ended up facing his sister-in-law in the general election. Garber is married to Susan Bysiewicz’ sister.
The executive director of a high profile legislative commission says the group won’t be able to make it to the end of the fiscal year unless the Rell administration helps out.

Teresa Younger of the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) wants to transfer money with the commission’s accounts. “The money has already been budgeted,” Younger told CTNewsJunkie. In order to make the transfer, they need the approval of the Financial Advisory Committee, which is controlled by the governor’s budget office.
Last year Rell proposed eliminating all six legislative commissions, including Younger’s, but the General Assembly decided to keep them and simply cut their funding by an estimated 50 percent to help has been made. close the budget gap.
Jeffrey Beckham, spokesman for the Office of Policy and Management, said no decision about whether to add the commission to the agenda.