The federal government is running on “continuing resolutions”—a method used when no one wants to get blamed for shutting down the government—because Republicans and Democrats can’t agree on a budget. We have skyrocketing gas prices, conflicts all over the world and natural disasters in Japan that have taken thousands of lives, ruined countless others, washed away entire towns and inflicted unspeakable pain not to mention a potential nuclear disaster. But US Rep. Joe Courtney (CT-2nd) is taking time to write a letter to try to get…wait for it…tonight’s UConn basketball game on CBS.

Courtney wrote a letter to CBS chief Leslie Moonves and Mark A. Emmert, of the NCAA, asking that the Huskies first round, NCAA tournament game against Bucknell be shown on CBS affiliate WFSB-TV. Courtney said some 150,000 in the state don’t get cable or satellite TV and can’t see the game because it’s on TNT. That’s 150,000 out of 1.3 million households in the state.

Courtney wrote in part, that UConn basketball “is a source of pride for just about everyone you will meet, and interest in the NCAA championship tournament can be found in every corner of the state.” True enough. But what is not a source of pride is the financial free-for-all that continues at the school at the taxpayers’ expense or the fact that a new report says UConn is near the very bottom of the barrel as far as the academic performance of its basketball team.

Perhaps Courtney, who is an accomplished, hard-working and rightly popular congressman whose district includes UConn, should worry a little more about the pathetic academic performance of those in the basketball program and less about getting them on Channel 3.

Your thoughts?

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