Members of a Farmington-based nonprofit spent the last few days tirelessly trying to locate one of their doctors who flew into Port-au-Prince just before the devastating earthquake Tuesday afternoon. Dr.David Hall of FaithCare was scheduled to meet with a pastor at 4 p.m. to discuss a mission trip that FaithCare was planning to take in February.

FaithCare has heard reports through the grapevine that Hall was spotted after the earthquake, but they hadn’t received confirmation. Members of FaithCare had been using the Internet, sending e-mails and making phone calls trying to contact Hall. Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief this morning. Dr. Hall was pulled from the rubble. Details are sketchy but Dr. Hall spoke to his wife and he is apparently OK.

Hall, formerly of Hartford Hospital and now based in Fort Myers, Fla., is a 59-year-old survivor of five heart attacks, and his heart medication would have run out today..They had been sending photos of him to media outlets in Haiti hoping someone will find him and send FaithCare confirmation that he is alive.
Lost in all the hoopla of Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz deciding to run for Attorney General instead of governor (in which she was leading in the polls) was her decision not to participate in the new public financing program. The campaign finance reform law is already under fire and oral arguments on lawsuits against the law were heard yesterday in Federal Court in New York. So public financing may not even be a factor.

Former Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy has been trying to shame his multi-millionaire rival Ned Lamont into participating in public financing. Malloy’s campaign has been pointing out that Lamont was a big supporter of public financing when the state legislature was debating the bill.

But now that Bysiewicz is not participating, it makes it tougher to criticize Republicans Linda McMahon and Peter Schiff as well as Democrat Richard Blumenthal if they decide to forgo using taxpayers’ money to run.
A chain of stores very familiar to Connecticut consumers has filed for protection under Chapter 11 bankruptcy law. Bernie’s has 9 stores in Connecticut, all which will close by the end of next month. Three hundred fifty workers will be laid off. All gift cards and extended warranties will be honored.