There are times when popular and mercurial Connecticut defense attorney Norm Pattis makes a lot of sense going against the grain of conventional wisdom. This isn’t one of them.

Pattis writes in his blog that Dr. William Petit—the sole survivor of the stomach-turning Cheshire home invasion case—should stop coming to all the legal proceedings in the case and should not be testifying at the legislative hearings on the death penalty and witness impact statements in court Someone should hold a stethoscope to Pattis’ chest and see if there is anything beating in there.

Dr. Petit is not a media seeker. He is a reluctant subject of news interviews and seems somewhat uncomfortable when he speaks on issues stemming from the horror of being beaten within an inch or his life after which his wife and two young daughters were abused and murdered and his house set on fire.

For instance, after the first day of jury selection for the second of the two defendants in the case this week, TV reporters had to briskly walk with Dr. Petit as he left the courthouse to even get him to say a few words.

For Attorney Pattis: Perspective? Party of one?