Lisa Moody, the once-feared bully-in-chief for former Gov. Jodi Rell, was known as someone who operated with impunity while Rell’s chief of staff. Her multiple acts of ethical violations—she once clearly perjured herself while testifying under oath before a legislative committee—are well documented. But with the election of a new governor, we should be finally done with her deviousness, right? Guess again.

Ken Dixon of the Connecticut Post reports, “In the waning days of Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s administration, staff members acting on [Moody’s] orders, took an office-sized shredder into the basement of the Capitol, destroying hundreds of documents. Some of the evidence still litters the floor of a so-called vault, where now-bare shelves once contained sensitive personnel information…According to documents released under the state Freedom of Information Act, on Jan. 4, the day before Gov. Dannel P. Malloy took office, two members of Rell’s office staff, swamped by all the shredding they were ordered to perform, took 13 boxes of documents to an East Windsor [shredding] company.” Not surprisingly, Moody claims state records-retention laws don’t to the documents she turned into confetti and there was nothing wrong with destroying them.

New Gov. Dannel Malloy’s s chief counsel Andrew McDonald told Dixon something nefarious may be afoot, “When we took over on Jan. 5, every filing cabinet had been wiped clean…Every computer has been erased and deconstructed. We know files were destroyed. We are still finding out on a daily basis the magnitude of that destruction. There’s no coherent documentation to itemize exactly the nature of the files that were shredded…Almost on a daily basis we are finding out things that used to be in the office and are not there and cannot be located. The files we have been able to retrieve from the State Library are in no discernible format. In the paper equivalent of an omelet, they have been shuffled and mishandled. I have people pawing through those to try to put the eggs back into the shells. We’ll never know the extent of the damage,” he said.

As for the aforementioned testimony to a legislative committee, Moody was once being questioned under oath about using the governor’s office for fundraising purposes. She claimed she did not read an ethics memorandum circulated to members of the Rell administration. No one could really challenge that assertion until the memo actually surfaced and showed Moody’s handwritten edits on it. Oops. Unless she edited the memo without reading it (a neat trick, indeed), she lied to the committee. She also had a habit of calling the supervisors of other partisan staffers who refused to be intimidated by her. The Shad has firsthand knowledge of that one.