Connecticut US Senator Joseph Lieberman was clearly enjoying his time—nearly the entire ½ hour—on Face the State on WFSB-TV (Channel 3) hosted by Dennis House yesterday morning. Lieberman made it clear he wouldn’t hesitate to endorse Rob Simmons or Linda McMahon—both Republicans—in the upcoming election to replace his long time Democratic colleague Chris Dodd. Democratic Attorney General Richard Blumenthal leads both GOP candidates in the most recent polls.
On the subject of his own reelection race in 2012, Lieberman said he may run as an Independent or even a Republican as he doesn’t think he can win the Democratic nomination. Speculation has been rampant that Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz has her eye on Lieberman’s seat, even going so far as to refusing to pledge to serve the entire four year term of attorney general, the office she is seeking this November. Former Majority Leader and Party Chairman George Jepsen is also seeking the nomination.
The debate about what Scott Brown’s victory for US Senate from Massachusetts means for Democrats is almost as divided as the election itself. There are many Republicans who say Brown’s historic upset win over Attorney General Martha Coakley spells bad news for Democrats (particularly incumbents) this fall. Others think Dems will learn from the “Brown Experience” and have plenty of time to make adjustments before November.

Case in point is Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. Does anyone truly believe Blumenthal will blow a 30-point lead a month out and lose to any Republican? Not a chance. Blumenthal is no Martha Coakley.
Senate President Don Williams and Public Health committee co-chair Jonathan Harris are heading an effort to save the Licensed Practical Nursing Program in the state. Governor Rell eliminated 10 programs at state’s technical high schools. Rell said it would save nearly $2 million in the current fiscal year.

Williams said budget cuts are necessary but it doesn’t make sense to cut programs that create jobs. “Now is not the time to eliminate a successful and proven pro-jobs, pro-economic growth program,” Williams said. The program Rell eliminated graduates approximately 350 students every 16 months.
“Democrats have already cut a historic amount from the state budget, and we will be cutting more in the coming months to meet deficit projections, but we remain committed to maintaining programs that grow jobs,” Harris said.

As the author of The Shad had learned first-hand over the past two months or so, we need as many well-trained nurses as possible. This is a short-sighted cut that should be restored.