The Shad has sometime comes across some hard-working people who have struck out their own, starting a business in an extremely difficult economy. As the principal and creator of Scully Communications, founded in June of 2008, I know firsthand how difficult it came be to start a business dead in the middle of a dead economy.

However, some people can push through and succeed simply because they are “that good.” Such is the case with photographer Jillian Texera-Elliot. She has started a photography business that is bound to be a success. The Shad know this because I had the pleasure to work with her recently. Her sense of lighting, color and background is amazing. To be honest, she can even belie one’s age (high-definition television is killing me in my TV appearances).

Jillian came to photography in a sort of roundabout way. “I started taking classes at RISD for graphic design, I needed to take a few elective classes and photography was one of them. I decided that’s what I want to do when I ‘grow up,’” she said. “[So] I abandoned design. I’m still a work in progress but I know this is what I belong doing. It’s hard to come out and say, ‘Hey, this is how I interpret the world around me; everyone take a look.’ But I’m doing it…. and I love it.”

Jillian has an interesting take on the business of photography as it is now. “Standard portraits taken at department stores or schools—do they really reflect the personality of the child or family? Each year, I would buy my children’s school pictures because that’s the traditional thing to do, not because I was in love with the photos. So, that’s why I began [my business],” she said. “It’s funny too, because parents come to me looking for ‘traditional’ but end up falling in love with the more natural, expressive photos.”

Jillian is particularly good with children and families. She did a series of photos of the children of a friend of mine that took my breath away. Her website is . Check it out. And her contact number is 860-208-4820