It’s The Shad’s popular, new feature—“Apropos of Nothing”—a series of random thoughts and observations that are fun to write and hopefully, fun to read. So here we go:

1. Utah has an official state gun (the Browning M1911 semi-automatic). Arizona wants one (the Colt Single Action Army Revolver—yes, Hartford’s Colt). And we wonder why so many people are killed in gun violence.
2. How low can a criminal go? A New York man faces charges of selling prescription drugs from his “Lickity Split” ice cream truck. Louis Scala, 40, is accused of selling ice cream to the kids but then was allegedly willing to provide a side dish of Oxycodone pills. No brain freezes there.
3. Can we dispense with the phrase, “Déjà vu all over again”? I’ve seen the most credentialed experts on cable news TV turn into Yogi Berra right before my eyes. Enough already.

4. Are there worse referees than those in men’s college basketball? Ok, maybe World Cup soccer where they don’t even try to fake an answer to phantom infractions. But try telling that to Rutgers where the refs were so eager to get off the court in the Big East tournament (dinner reservations?), they missed the end of the game.
5. Congratulations to the guy in the pickup truck in Rocky Hill for setting an all-time high for abusing handicap-accessible parking spots. As I was driving to the Channel 3 studios to tape “Face the State with Dennis House” last night, I pulled into a parking lot to get a coffee. This guy parked his truck across two handicap spots—not taking up one (with no tag) but actually blocking two entire spots. He had a “Vermont Hockey” jacket on as did his kid. The wife was in the passenger seat. When I called him on it he said, “Well, there’s nowhere else to park.” The news about concussions apparently has not reached Vermont. This guy has clearly been “Bob Probert-ized” a few times too many.
6. And finally, a big shout-out to the guy who parked in the one handicap spot in front of Coach’s sports bar / restaurant across from the XL Center in Hartford Saturday night. I was there for the Connecticut Whale game. And yes, I took particular pleasure in watching a cop write you a big, fat ticket ($115 fine minimum).