State Rep. Tony Guerrera (D-Rocky Hill), the co-chair of the legislature’s transportation committee, says if the state reinstated tolls, it could mean the reduction of the tax on gasoline by half in the first couple of years and further reductions in the levy in subsequent years.

Guerrera was a guest on Channel 3’s “Face the State” hosted by Dennis House which taped Thursday evening and airs Sunday morning at 11 am. Guerrera was joined in the debate over tolls by state Rep. Pam Sawyer (R-Bolton), a member of the committee.

Sawyer said tolls are just another financial imposition on Connecticut residents and point out it could mean the loss of millions of dollars from the federal government. She said the feds require that any toll revenue be used for the upkeep and maintenance of the particular road on which the toll is imposed.

Interestingly, Guerrera says he envisions a toll system that would look like an overpass—no toll booths at all—that would automatically connect with a transponder or EZ Pass. He added that motorists without transponders would have their plates photographed and tracked down by mail.

The Shad is also a guest on “Face the State” this week, talking about The Hanging Shad’s series of stories on the increase in the number of staffers in the House Democratic caucus, the legislature in general, the judicial branch and the executive branch. The lineup for Sunday morning:

The Battle over Tolls
Guest: State Rep. Tony Guerrera (R) Rocky Hill
Guest: State Rep. Pam Sawyer (D) Bolton

Flashback: Battle over Tolls—1984
Featuring: Governor Bill O’Neill, state Senators Tom Scott and William Dibella

Legislative Excess?
Guest: Patrick Scully, The Hanging Shad

The Complaint about Hartford Parking
Guest: Mark McGovern, CEO Hartford Parking Authority

Tune in if you can.

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