I have some small pleasures on Sunday mornings—the Boston Globe’s sports page, the state and national political and public affairs shows (The Real Story, Face the State, Meet the Press and Face the Nation) and the Hartford Courant columns by Colin McEnroe and Jon Lender.

The Hanging Shad has spent the last 10 days or so writing about excess in state government, among other hot topics. The Hartford Courant editorialized on the information contained in my reports, as did the Norwich Bulletin. However the crowning achievement is when McEnroe—also the host of a WNPR radio show—writes one of his laugh-out-loud pieces, dripping with sarcasm, based in part on The Hanging Shad’s reports.

Lender also knocked it out of the park this week as well. He had a column Sunday also about government excess although it’s about one person’s apparent “it’s never enough” attitude.

The Shad was the first to report that the plum state auditor jobs were going to Democrat John Geragosian and Republican Bob Ward. The much-sought after positions opened up when Kevin Johnston and Robert Jaekle retired. There were at least a half dozen, high-profile people who actively worked behind the scenes—or had people working it for them—to try to score one of the two gigs. They won’t be named here because they obviously weren’t successful in their pursuit and I’d like them to speak to me again.

But Lender lays out a story on how Geragosian who wants to moonlight while making nearly $145,000. The auditor jobs are so sought-after because they are seen as lifetime appointments. The legislature routinely reappoints whoever is in the positions. The positions are also pretty much recession-proof. They are never in danger of being cut in tough times. After all, they are the ultimate watchdogs.