Note to loyal Shadders (and occasional readers as well): The posts will be a little less frequent in the coming weeks as I enter a rather time-consuming physical therapy program to get the body back into shape after the holiday-time, near tragic fall. BTW, thanks for all the well-wishes and “get wells.” It means a lot to me.

You know the situation is bad when there is question as to whether you’re even qualified to hold the elected office you seek. Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz is trying to close the door on the issue as it pertains to her and her bid for attorney general. After balking at first, she has now decided to seek a declaratory ruling from a judge as to whether she has been an attorney “in active practice” or alternatively, have the 10-year requirement struck down as unconstitutional.

She may not get the answer she wants (Dick Blumenthal didn’t exactly come through with a “foxhole response” for her). However, that has to be better than having the issue hanging over her for the entire campaign. Her rivals, particularly former state Senate Majority George Jepsen and state Rep. Cameron Staples, have found way to work the issue without outright slamming Bysiewicz. She is leading in the latest polls (as she was in the governor’s race),

On the other side of the aisle, there is no doubt Republicans will relentlessly question Bysiewicz’ qualifications regardless of how the judge rules.
The clip-clop, clip-clop, you hear are the Horsemen of The Shad’s personal Apocalypse. One of the signs has been reveal. I agree with nearly ALL of Kevin Rennie’s column on Ned Lamont in Sunday’s Hartford Courant. Lamont clearly plans to parachute into the race for the Democratic nomination for governor and overwhelm everyone else with his personal wealth. He already leads in the polls which this far out, are purely name recognition. Hopefully, the others in the race who are going town to town building support (Dan Malloy, Mary Glassman, et. al) won’t lie down or be intimidated.

Lamont’s appearance on Channel 3’s Face the State hosted by Dennis House was one part scary and two parts pathetic. For every question House asked, Lamont answered a different one. The robotic Lamont said what he was programmed to say. Disappointing at best.
More Olympic notes:
Unquestionably an incredible athlete, Apolo Ohno’s marketing choices (he’ll pitch just about anything) makes him seem more pitchman and less champion athlete. Meanwhile, Lindsay Vonn gave herself a built-in excuse if she didn’t win with the whole shin injury thing. Please.

Love the snowboard athletes. They get it. Shaun White is the best. Making history as he goes alone. I wish I could get my hands on those Canadian gloves and those plaid shirts. Hate the pajama-looking outfits the US ski-jumpers wore.

Ok, I‘ll skip asking for the phone number of the Harvard and women’s hockey player. I’ll settle for Kristie Yamaguchi’s.

More on the best sport—hockey—to come.