When Gov. Rell made it known earlier this year that she is not seeking another term, we all kind of expected her to lay off the heavy lifting (not unlike when she was smack-dab in the middle of her terms) as those who want to succeed her scrambled for position. However, I don’t think anyone expected her to simply “mail in” the rest of her term.

That’s the way it looks right now as Rell remained in Connecticut this past weekend while the rest of the nation’s governors attended the winter meetings of the National Governors Association in Washington. These are no ordinary meetings. According to the NGA, the meetings (which concluded yesterday) “address critical issues, including health care reform and the economy. Governors will also meet with President Obama, members of the Administration, business executives and other experts for discussions on a host of issues and challenges facing states.” But not Governor Rell. The NGS highlights private “governors-only” sessions, “including a meeting with President Obama at the White House, provided governors a venue for sharing their thoughts and views on common challenges.” Except of course, for Connecticut’s.

It’s not like Connecticut doesn’t need representation on these issues. The state received a proverbial “drop in the bucket” in federal stimulus money last time around and is one of only nine states getting nothing in the latest round. You’re not increasing your chances of getting a slice of the pie when you don’t show up for your chance at face time with the president and other big shots. Taxpayers should be asking why Rell is the least hard working governor in the nation.

Unless there is some sort of family or health situation involved, there is no excuse for the governor not going to DC and fighting as hard as possible for Connecticut. And there’s no excuse for legislative leadership not holding her accountable.
Olympic notes:

I know this goes against the grain but as a life-long hockey player, I can tell you the USA men’s hockey team better step it up or they will be on the outside looking in when it comes time for passing out the medals.

No one was happier than me when they beat Canada but the fact is, they were outplayed for the most part, failing to effectively transition from defense to offense and they need to be more physical in front of the net. The fact is, Ryan Miller basically hoisted the team on his back and carried them to the win.

The scary part is, Canada played a horrific game and still almost won. They have the better players and they played like they didn’t want to be there. If Pronger, Bergeron, Nash, et al come to play, watch out. If they sleepwalk through the rest of the tournament, the US doesn’t have to worry. Meanwhile, Thursday’s Gold Medal game between the USA and Canadian women could be great stuff.

Speed skater Shani Davis is my favorite Olympic athlete (after the multitude of hockey players). Davis wins and does one, post-victory interview, smiling widely and thanking those that helped him. Pure class.

Bode Miller has redeemed himself; dialing down the partying while showing humility. The same cannot be said for snowboarder Lindsay Jacobellis.

I think NBC is doing a great job.