Fergus Cullen, the well-spoken, media savvy director of the Yankee Institute, is often quoted by or appears in the Connecticut media. A favorite of WTIC-AM’s “Sound Off Connecticut” hosted by the darling of the angry, white, retiree demo Jim Vicevich as well as morning show host Ray Dunaway, Cullen is introduced simply as the director of the Yankee Institute.

Cullen is an accomplished professional indeed. According to his website, FergusCullen.com, he is an editorial page columnist for the New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper (just right of Attila the Hun), has been published in the Wall Street Journal, Runner’s World magazine, and is a frequent contributor to the op-ed pages of several New England newspapers. He appears as a commentator on numerous television and radio programs, including nationally broadcast interviews on C-SPAN, CNN, FOX, and most New England stations. He is a graduate of Yale College (BA, History, 1994), and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government (Masters in Public Administration, 2002).

Cullen is also a former chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, a fact that is conveniently left out in his introductions on WTIC-AM. There’s nothing wrong with Cullen having held that position. In fact, it’s yet another accomplishment. The Shad’s problem lies with the talk show hosts who refuse to identify Cullen as the partisan he is. Listeners might deduce what Cullen is all about from the ensuing interview but many may think the Yankee Institute is some sort of nonpartisan think tank (or a new name for Monument Park at the new Stadium in the Bronx).

Radio veterans like Dunaway—called in this space “The King of Connecticut radio”—owe full disclosure to the listeners. Vicevich is so far gone even asking for such disclosure is a wasted effort.