In the political races here in Connecticut, the casual voter who might not pay attention to the elections until the fall because, well, they’re held in the fall, has been getting a steady diet of campaign ads from Republican US Senate candidate Linda McMahon and GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley. Expect to see Democrat Ned Lamont in that mix soon. What do they all have in common? Gobs of money. Light-your-cigar-with-a-hundred-dollar-bill type of money. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The Shad’s author wishes he had that kind of money. And God bless these people if they can get their message out to voters using their riches.

Eventually, however, (with any luck) all the candidates will have to talk issues, answer questions about their positions and what their priorities are should they be fortunate enough to be elected to office. Many times this is when the lesser-known candidates get a chance to stand out. We hope this will be true of candidates such as Hartford Metro Alliance Chairman Oz Griebel (R), Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton (R), Simsbury First Selectman Mary Glassman (D) –all running for governor; Health Care Advocate Kevin Lembo (D) for Lt. Gov.; State Sen. Jonathan Harris (D) for secretary of state.

Full disclosure: The author of The Hanging Shad has worked with Mary Glassman and Jonathan Harris in the past and is clearly a big fan of both. I’m not alone: Mary Glassman Stands Out Amid Glitter In Connecticut Governor’s Race – Courant.com (I’m also a fan of Rick Green).

Money is important in politics, no doubt. But the voters of Connecticut should strive to cut through the clutter and get to know the candidates who are not so well-known right now and don’t have the personal wealth some others do. It’s important. There are enormous challenges ahead.
Leave the Canadian women’s hockey team alone. The media and the snooty-nosed, Thurston Howell, III-like Olympic committee members are all over the women for their post-gold medal celebration after they dispatched an exciting and talented American team. Granted, hanging around the arena for more than an hour is a bit much. And swigging beer and smoking cigars on the ice is waaaay over the line—especially for the under-aged members of the team.

The team representatives have already apologized so let it go and move on. Suggestions that they be barred from the closing ceremonies or other such punishments are nonsense. These women have been carrying the weight of an entire country for this whole tournament and for some, carrying the stress of Hockey Nation for years.
Other Olympic notes:

The hockey Maple Leaf has awakened and could steamroll their way to the gold. Love the US Nordic combined team which hit gold for the first time. At a critical point in the Sweden-Finland women’s hockey bronze medal game, a Finnish player dropped her gloves and grabbed the Swedish player by the head and threw her to the ice (know what that’s like and it’s no fun)! Those Scandinavian women are tough! Who knew?

USA men’s hockey team takes on Finland today for a spot in the finals and an eventual rematch with Team Canada—now THAT’S what I’m talking about.