Here’s this week’s edition of the popular feature, “The Hanging Shad’s Apropos of Nothing”:

1. UConn basketball player Shabazz Napier told a reporter after a recent victory that UConn would only go as far in the NCAA tournament “as God allows us.” Does that mean should the Huskies fall to Kentucky in the Final Four that God switched sides and prefers the Wildcats?
2. 2,500 yellow rubber ducks have been stolen from an Illinois police academy. The fact that they were stolen from a police academy is actually, a bit humorous. The plastic ducks were intended for a fund-raising event. Several of the “hot” ducks from the Yorkville Citizens Police Academy have since been spotted on a Yorkville, Ill., roadway. Police are requesting that any plastic ducks found matching this description be returned to the police academy.
3. I understand the desire to cut down on distracted driving. A federally funded program has stepped up enforcement of the laws in the state. As I quickly found out over the last two days, it’s still legal to talk on a cell phone in Massachusetts. However, I have wondered, how much does it cost Connecticut (if anything) to run those big, lighted messages on the highway signs usually used to alert drivers to traffic conditions?
4. Was anyone else hoping the Tennessee women’s basketball team would win long enough to have to face the UConn women in the NCAA tournament? Vols coach Pat Summit frightens me.
5. David Harris of the American Jewish Committee makes more sense in his little radio spots (heard locally on WTIC-AM) than most analysts or advocates.