1. Despising most radio ads, The Shad actually finds the Rockville Bank spots (Outgoing Bill v. Income Bill) charming. Bill McGuirk says he’ll still be in the media. Hope so.
2. Now that ESPN is done with the women’s NCAA basketball tournament, Dave O’Brien can return to behind the mic for the Red Sox radio broadcasts. He’s missed.
3. On the subject of the Sox, let’s not forget there are 156 games left. And oh, I’m reminded that in 2004, they were down 3-0 in the American League to the Yankees. We know how that worked out.
4. Have you noticed Gov. Malloy has returned to sporting the green ties he wore during the campaign? Union members better start carrying rabbits’ feet.

5. My wish is that Charlie Sheen, in his appearance at Mohegan Sun, decides to try to body surf the crowd only nobody puts up their arms.
6. The next person who parks in a handicapped space without a permit and thinks it’s ok because there is someone waiting in the car, will likely get a cane-shaped dent in the hood of his car. Just saying…
7. The state seems poised to approve medical marijuana. Where is the snack food industry on this issue?
8. State Rep. Al Aldonlfi (R-Cheshire) is an opponent of the medical marijuana bill. When it came time to vote, he told a story about a person he knew whose ear fell off because of medical marijuana. It might be “dog track time” for ol’ Al.
9. Boston is beautiful in the spring, don’t you think?