“God Save the Queen!..She’s ain’t no human being!” Ok, so the seminal punk rock band the Sex Pistols were over the top in their 70s anti-monarchy anthem. Yet somehow, I feel their pain. When The Shad first heard about “Will and Kate,” the first thought was of some sort of reunion of an early 2000s sitcom about a gay guy and the woman who loved him. Nope, this one is about the most opulent and intrusive wedding across the pond which, if history is any guide, will end in divorce or some sort of tragedy anyway. So why all the fuss? The Shad, being a man of the people, just doesn’t get it.

Tomorrow morning, all the trappings and opulence of the monarchy will be on full display when Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton get, uh, married. Didn’t we fight a war to get rid of just this type of thing (the monarchy, not the wedding). I’m pretty sure we did. They made a movie about it with that anti-Semite, girlfriend abuser Mel Gibson and the poor young actor who died from a drug overdose.

The Shad rises at 5 am every morning but it’s to bring the faithful readers what I can possibly muster up on the latest, inside-scoop political news, not to watch a guy who happened to be born into the “right” family marry a pretty girl in an event that costs enough to feed several, third-world nations for years.

The marketing operation is on full throttle. You can buy everything to Will and Kate bobble head dolls to Kate Middleton porcelain dolls for your own little princess. If you’re thinking about getting The Shad a gift, save it. Or get me a new Boston Bruins hat after their riveting, Game 7 victory over the Canadians last night. Now that’s worth staying up late or getting up early to watch.